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1) How can I pay?

By cash, cheque or BAC’s

2) Can I donate used toys/books?

Yes. However, we ask that toys have the CE safety mark and preferably the makers name. Toys and books need to be in good, safe condition. If we are unable to use them for loan (which usually includes books, then we will put them in the cloakroom for sale). Toys are sold as seen. 

3) What is the toy loan age range?

Most of our toys are for pre-schoolers, however, some of our board games will be suitable for primary school children. 

4) What items do you sell? 

We sell stationery and crafts, snacks, hot and cold drinks in the stay and play room. Toys and books are sold in the cloak room. Sometimes there will be handicrafts for sale. 

5) What happens if I can’t get in to renew my toys?

Toys need to be renewed every 3 weeks or termly depending on your membership (this can be longer if you take toys out before we close for holidays). We are happy to receive an e mail, a Facebook message or a phone call. 

6) What types of toys can I borrow?

Story sacks – we have a range of around 30 topics from shapes to Postman Pat for the large story sacks (all memberships pay £2 for 3 weeks). Smaller story stacks are included for free within membership. 

Outdoors – including ball pools and balls, tents, bats and balls, trikes and ride on’s. 

Role play – prams, kitchen units, hoovers, workbench, dressing up clothes and food items.

Small world sets – i.e. dinosaurs and dolls houses. 

Vehicles - including garages, a space rocket and aeroplane. 

Construction – a selection of Lego, stickle bricks, and Duplo.

Cognitive/fine motor – a wide selection of puzzles, board games, DVD’s and some CD’s.

Baby/toddler – we have plenty of baby packs which include sensory toys as well as some baby gyms and first toys for toddlers. We also have a couple of Jumperoos and baby activity tables. 

Sensory toys – we have a small range of wooden toys with mirrors etc that are ideal for babies or children with additional needs. 

7) I can’t get in during your sessions. 

No problem. Make an appointment and we can open up usually on the last Monday evening of the month (not December or July), between 6.45 and 7.45pm. 

8) The toy I want is out

The person it has been loaned to is entitled to the toy for 3 weeks. We will contact them to ask for it back after that time.  If there is a queue for a toy, then we have a waiting list. 

9) I’m having a child’s party and I want to borrow more than 4 toys. 

You can loan up to 12. Extra toys after your membership amount will cost £1.25 each. 

10) Toy care

All toys are wiped down by staff/volunteers when they are brought back. We ask that you remove the main dirt. Bringing back toys that have been out in the garden with soil on for example is not acceptable. If a toy breaks whilst you have it, then do let us know. If the toy is old and it is because of wear and tear, we won’t charge. However, if the toy breaks through mis use, we will ask for a donation to replace it. If we find part of the toy to be missing, we will ask you to look for it. If you find any toy parts later, we will match it up as soon as we can.